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Signature Winch Bumper


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Scout II Signature Winch Bumper

This is the ultimate winch bumper for your Scout II. It has the best lines, the cleanest look, and are the most rugged winch bumper available to date. The D and C Extreme winch bumper follows the same design as our Rear Bumper and Rock Sliders. Built to match in looks and performance, this is the last winch bumper you’ll ever need to buy.

All D and C Extreme winch bumpers, use 3/16″ thick box tube, hand cut it to exact standards, then fully welded and gusseted with plate steel. Specially cut angles are built for skidding off rocks and boulders. These are high clearance winch bumpers. They come stock with 2″ of lift to keep them out of your way, the mounts are fully gusseted and seam welded to ramp up obstacles if needed. The sides are tapered back and up to keep clearance at a maximum. This is the winch bumper for Scout IIs. Everyone else has cheap copies.

Fit and Finish:
The finish work of all our winch bumpers are as clean as ever.  All of our winch bumpers are seam welded, hand sanded, and ready for powder coat or paint

Standard Equipment:
All bumpers come complete. Extreme duty frame mounts cup the stock front cross-member and fit the stock holes. The mounts also are built to work with D and C Extreme’s Reverse Shackle system for added convenience. Two optional holes are also provided if you plan on heavy winching (but you must drill the frame for them). Also included are, winch mounting sleeves(you must provide us with the winch dimensions) , Fairlead Mount and 3/4″ Anchor Shackle mounts for use in extraction or a place to store your winch’s hook!

A Word about Welding: This product requires installation by an experienced welder, using high-quality welding equipment and supplies. If you are not a qualified welder you should hire a professional/certified welder from your area. Welding this product should only be done with a minimum 220v/175a MIG Welder and .035 wire. 

All D and C Extreme Signature Products are Made in the USA at our shop in Colorado Springs, CO!


Optional winch bar, D-links, and light holes shown. Winch and lights not included.


Optional winch bar, D-links, and light holes shown. Winch and lights not included.


Optional winch bar, D-links, and light holes shown. Winch and lights not included.


Optional D-links shown


Winch not included.


Optional D-links shown.


Winch not included.

D and C Extreme Industries Product Disclaimer

Because of their intended usage, the manufacturer makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, oral or written, to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service. Purchasers are responsible for selection of proper goods and must rely on their own skill or judgement that such goods are suitable for purchasers’ application.


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Parts Information

Make Model Year
IH Scout II 1971
IH Scout II 1979
IH Scout II Terra 1977
IH Scout II 1974
IH Scout II Traveler 1977
IH Scout II Terra 1980
IH Scout II 1977
IH Scout II Traveler 1980
IH Scout II 1972
IH Scout II 1980
IH Scout II Terra 1978
IH Scout II 1975
IH Scout II Traveler 1978
IH Scout II 1978
IH Scout II Terra 1976
IH Scout II 1973
IH Scout II Traveler 1976
IH Scout II Terra 1979
IH Scout II 1976
IH Scout II Traveler 1979

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