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Scout 80-800 EVO Cage Kit


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Scout 80/800 EVO Cage Kit

Scout 80 & 800 owners have more choices with D and C Extreme! Have you looked at the Scout 80 & 800 Cage Kit and thought, ” this is a great kit, but it’s basic and my Scout 800 is iconic and I want a cage kit that will match it”. This is that cage kit!

Welcome to the next D and C Extreme Evolution! The Scout 80 & 800 EVO Cage Kit builds upon the standard Scout 80 & 800 kit. First, we have provided occupants with more head room by keeping the rear spreaders up and level further before they angle down to the rear floor boards. Next, we have added beefed up stability by including the rear hatch bar and the dashboard bar. Make the cage your own! There are tons of great options available to you. These include: upgrading material to DOM, adding CB or Atari Bars, Foot Plates, Seat Belt Bungs, or Grab Handles.

The Scout 80 & 800 EVO Cage Kit is designed to fit under the stock IH hard top. Additionally, if your have a soft top that was designed to replace the hard top our cage kit will fit under that soft top as well!

Materials Make it Stronger: This cage kit is made from quality 2″ x 1/8″ (wall) Electric Welded (HREW) tube steel. We buy the tube in full 20′ lengths and cut each piece to precise measurements. We also offer 2″ Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tube for the safety and competition minded wheeler.

A Word about Welding: This product requires installation by an experienced welder, using high-quality welding equipment and supplies. If you are not a qualified welder you should hire a professional/certified welder from your area. Welding this product should only be done with a minimum 220v/175a MIG Welder and .035 wire.

Disclaimer: Welding should be done by a competent & certified welder. Although D and C has made every effort to make our cage kits as strong and easy to properly install as possible, we can not perform the install on all kits. Therefore, we will not (and do not) guarantee the performance of any cage kit in event of a roll over. Drivers of lifted or modified vehicles need to exercise extreme caution when operating said modified vehicle.

We pre-notch all joints to make installation a snap, however, some miner trimming or grinding may be required at time of assembly, however, we have done everything we can to avoid this.

Note: Main hoop is shipped in two pieces with internal sleeve for reassembly. This saves about $60.00 in shipping cost. We can still ship it to you in one piece if you would like but we must add the additional shipping cost.

Scout 80/800 EVO Kit Contains:

  • 1- Main Hoop
  • 1- Left & Right Rear Spreaders
  • 1- Left & Right Front Spreaders
  • 1- Rear Hatch Bar
  • 1- Windshield Bar
  • 1- Dash Bar


**Options show in demonstration photos include: Grab Handles, Seat Belt Bungs & Dual Set of Atari Bars

scout 800 cage kit

Optional grab handle shown.

scout 800 cage kit

Optional double atari-bar shown.

scout 800 cage kit

Optional double atari bar shown and grab handles shown.

scout 800 cage kit

Optional grab handles shown.

scout 800 cage kit

Optional double atari bars and grab handles shown.


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