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Jeep Comanche Roll Cage Kit


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Jeep Comanche Roll Cage Kit

The Jeep Comanche MJ is a unique vehicle that carries the superior pedigree of the Jeep brand. Over the years Jeep Comanche owners have tooled these light trucks into off road warriors by adding bigger tires, suspension systems, etc., but it’s uni-body construction needs strengthening to improve occupant protection.

After a ton of phone calls to D and C Extreme Industries specifically requesting a Jeep Comanche cage kit, D and C Extreme proudly presents the 4 point Jeep Comanche Cage Kit. This kit fits the Jeep Comanche MJ model years 1986 – 1992.

D and C Extreme takes great pride in the fit and finish of our roll cage kits.   The cage’s tubes are tucked up and out of the way to provide ample interior space. The cage provides reinforcement and strengthens the Jeep Comanche’s uni-body construction.

D and C Extreme’s windshield bar has been bent to create extra head room. A properly installed cage kit gives the driver access to all knobs buttons.

Installation is made easy by pre-notching the joining tubes. For various reasons you may have to do some additional trimming and grinding to achieve the best fitment.

All bends are made with a JD2 Model 4 Bender (No crush bends here). All D and C Extreme cages come as kits, assembly and welding will be required. Welding should be done by a competent and certified welder.

The Jeep Comanche MJ Cage Kit comes with:

  • (2) Front Spreaders
  • (1) Main Hoop
  • (1) Dashboard Bar (above gauges)
  • (1) Windshield Bar (top of windshield)

A Word about Welding: This product requires installation by an experienced welder, using high-quality welding equipment and supplies. If you are not a qualified welder you should hire a professional/certified welder from your area. Welding this product should only be done with a minimum 220v/175a MIG Welder and .035 wire.

Note: Main hoop is shipped in two pieces with internal sleeve for reassembly. This saves about $60.00 in shipping cost. We can still ship it to you in one piece if you would like but must add the additional  shipping cost. Although we’ve done everything we could to avoid it, some slight trimming may be needed for assembly, however, it is rare.

D and C Extreme has made every effort to make cage kits strong and easy to install. However, they do not install cages and cannot control the use of the vehicle they are placed in. Therefore, D and C Extreme does not guarantee the performance of any cage kit. Drivers of lifted or modified vehicles need to exercise extreme caution when operating said vehicle.

All D and C Extreme Signature Products are Made in the USA at our shop in Colorado Springs, CO!


D and C Extreme Industries Product Disclaimer:

Because of their intended usage, the manufacturer makes no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, oral or written, to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service. Purchasers are responsible for selection of proper goods and must rely on their own skill or judgement that such goods are suitable for purchasers’ application.



Jeep Comanche 1986 – 1992



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