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D and C Rear 4 Link System


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Revamped Rear 4 Link System

This tried and true flex monster is reborn, D and C STYLE! Bring on the Rear 4 Link System!

Since 2000, you’ve seen D and C Extreme make the most wild and tricked out IH Scouts with the use of our CAD designed rear 4 link system. Now we are proud to announce the re-birth of our rear 4-link, with even more strength and ease of installation. 

Our 4-link system has run flawlessly under many different uses. From Baja-racing to Rock Crawling to street and highway driving, the system proved to master whatever the customer wanted it to do. That’s why we want to make sure people understand the new kit is not re-designed, ITS RE-VAMPED. Our kit can be used for 4 to 10 inches of lift  depending on what Shocks and Coil Springs are used.

Our kit includes:

  • Frame Sleeves with Link mounts installed
  • 2″ x .250″ wall D.O.M. Lower Links
  • 1.75″ x .125″ wall D.O.M. Upper Links
  • Axle Truss with Link mounts installed
  • 1.25″ Large Flex Joints
  • Coil spring Mounts
  • Shock mounts
  • Grade 8 Hardware

A Word about Welding: This product requires installation by an experienced welder, using high-quality welding equipment and supplies. If you are not a qualified welder you should hire a professional/certified welder from your area. Welding this product should only be done with a minimum 220v/175a MIG Welder and .035 wire. 

rear 4 link system

rear 4 link system

rear 4 link system

rear 4 link system 


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