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On and Off Road Performance

D and C Extreme builds burly vehicles to deal with the obstacles off road. However we also recognize that your weekend warrior often has to be your daily driver as well. Therefore we have built for fuel efficiency, road noise, and performance. But let’s face it, off road is where these trucks make them our passion rides.

We are proud of each of our on and off road buildups, but not every customer is an over haul. Most of our customers order (from this very website) cages, bumpers, rock sliders or any of our other quality products. Our customers order quality parts for their IH Scouts, Jeeps, Toyotas, and Broncos. We appreciate all of our customers and work hard to provide quality parts for their builds.

We really like it when our customers send us their projects and off road adventures. We will proudly display them here, in the Gallery.  If you have been or will be a customer of D and C Extreme please send us your best images and we’ll put them right up!

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