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Which Borgeson Joint Should I Use?

One of the best things you can do for your steering is to remove the old ‘rag-joint’ and convert to the Borgeson Steering system. But which Borgeson Joint should I use? This is a must if you have any sort of body lift , at all. We’d even go as far to say that even a stock rig, one without a body lift, should be converted. We know that seems a little drastic, but when you have done the conversion, then you’ll know why we say that. If you have sloppy steering, get a Borgeson Conversion first. It’s cheap, easy to install, and it works.

The only question you should be worried about is “What size input shaft do you have?” Most people don’t have a clue on what we are talking about when we ask this. Basically we are talking about this:borgeson_joint_01

That is your power steering box. Look from the top (see the power steering lines?).

Luckily, Scout’s only came with two different sizes; 3/4″ 30-spline or 13/16″ 36-spline. The 3/4″ size is the vast majority of them, normally averaging 75-85% of the steering boxes.

How do we measure them? In fact, how to we get to them? We’re going to show you how, on a frame with no body (it’s easy even with a body).

First remove the stock rag joint. Approaching the steering box, the rag joint is on the rear end.borgeson_joint_02

The rag joint is held on by a single bolt that must be completely removed for the rag joint to come offborgeson_joint_03



The rag joint will just slide off.borgeson_joint_06

Now there are two ways to measure the threads and/or count the splines. The first way is to count the splines, but the drawback is the large gap where the bolt goes.borgeson_joint_07

The second, and much easier way, of figuring out what size input shaft you have is by the use of a 11/16″ 12-point closed-end wrench or socket. Remember it must be a 12 point (not a 6 point).borgeson_joint_08


If the box-end fits over the input shaft, you have a 3/4″ x 30-spline.borgeson_joint_10


If its too small, you have a 13/16″ 36-spline.

The wrench fits over the steering box input shaft, we need a 3/4″ 30-spline Borgeson Joint.

TIP: We like using the boxed-end wrench because its easier to hold/control when you’re dealing with a full-bodied rig. With a long-handled one, we are able to easily navigate the wrench from the top of the engine bay.

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