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How Do I Remove Steering Knuckles

This will be perhaps the shortest Tech in history. A lot of people have asked how do I remove steering knuckles off the front axle housing prior to the ‘cut-n-turn’ of the SOA. It’s real simple. First strip the knuckles of the lockouts, calipers, hubs & rotor, spindle, caliper bracket, and remove the axles shafts. Then take a big hammer and pound on the inner “C” from the side. Basically like you would pound the ball joint from the side.

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Go from the top ball joint, to the bottom ball joint, repeat as necessary. Don’t worry about deforming the casting, the ball joints are keeping the tapered hole from deforming. Repeat until the knuckle falls, which usually happens rather quickly.

This should take more than 1 minute per side. From here you can have the ball joint pressed out and replaced, grind for the ‘cut-n-turn’ or whatever suits to your fancy. No damage should be sustained to the ball joints.

Now that you’ve seen how, get a set for yourself! Click Here for Scout Dana 44 High Steer Knuckles Set

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