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D and C Extreme’s Jeep Soft Top Installed On A Scout II

Its summer time and you just took your top off!  You’re riding high with the wind in your hair, but that darn sun keeps you squinting.  You look for a soft top to keep that blasted sun out of your eyes (not to mention the occasional thunder shower), and then you run into the next problem.  Scout soft tops aren’t just hard to find, they are expensive!

Not to worry, we’ve got the answer for you.  Jeep parts!  We know, its an abomination to put Jeep parts on a Scout.  Well maybe, but in respect to a soft top, the Jeep part is HALF the cost of the identical Scout part.  Call me a heathen, but if I save $60 on a silly top, I’ll be a happy heathen!


I use and sell the Traditional Style Jeep Soft Top for a CJ. It’s the one with those handy straps.  The Jeep soft top will come with instructions, and we’re sure you’ll read them (just like we didn’t),  here is how we installed our Jeep Soft Top on my Scout. This install was done just before a trail ride, and as the pictures show, the sun was going down and we were short on time. So speed was the goal.

Step One: Install Windshield Channel/Track
The tools I used were a Philips screw driver, hammer, and large nail.  The nail and hammer will provide my pre-drilled holes.  We recommend using an actual drill and drill bit, but our skilled hands and a good whack will give me the correct hole without digging up a drill and proper drill bit, not to mention the chuck to fit the proper drill bit).

The key is to make the hole big enough to start the screw, and that’s it.  It will take a bit of effort to seat the screws with my trusty screwdriver, but its worth it if you don’t have a drill handy.  A good hint is to use a very small nail. This does two things; First, you can control where the hole is (like a drill).  Second, it won’t make a hole that is too big (meaning the provided screws will be too small). Now lets get this thing installed.


Step Two: Install the Side Snaps
Lay the windshield channel/track on top of the windshield and mark where you want your holes.  We used a Sharpy to mark the holes.  Then with hammer, nail, and a sharp whack, we popped small holes into the windshield frame. Remember; small holes.  Then we laid the windshield track in place and screwed them it down with the screws provided with the channel/track. Not using a properly sized drill bit does make screwing a little hard, but its not too hard.

Then we pre-drilled holes for the snaps and screwed them in place. Install top and find correct placement for the snaps on each side.  If you choose to use the snaps, you may need to cut 1″ off each side of the windshield track/channel.  To do this we used a sawzall, but a hacksaw would be better. Then with the bikini top centered in the channel we used my Sharpy to mark where to put the holes for the Snaps.



Step Three: Install Straps

Next we flipped the Jeep soft top over and found the proper placement for the straps.  Remember that when you tighten the straps, they get shorter.  So be sure to put the metal hook things far enough back to allow you to properly tighten the top down.  I put my things just behind the wheel well.

Using the same pre-drilled method, we had the things in place in a couple minutes.



Step Four: Install Top and Tighten

Last step is to tighten everything down.  Simply insert the webbing into the tentioner and pull until you have the desired tightness.  The tighter you get it, the less it’ll flop on the highway (and my top doesn’t flop).


Final Notes:

The first question we always get is “Does the CJ Jeep soft top fit?”  The Answer is yes.  As you can see it could be about 1″ wider, but it covers the Scout fine as it is.  The biggest fitment problem we have with this top is that it’s too long. Meaning that the bikini top is made for a Jeep roll bar, which extends back into the bed farther than the Scout bar does (notice the stitching in the above picture).  Although this doesn’t fit the stock Scout roll bar exactly, it does fit the D and C Extreme Cage Kit perfectly.  The D and C Extreme Cage Kit also gives you more head room under the soft top (since it sticks up a little higher).  And with that, the installation is complete and it was time for some Memorial Day wheeling!  This and all other D and C Extreme “Tech Tips” are made possible by the sales of these and other products.

So if you’re in the market for a Soft Top, or any other Scout part, please contact D and C Extreme at 719-510-5027!



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