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D and C Extreme Installs

At our shop in Colorado Springs, CO all we do is extreme installs, but we know that there are a great number of folks out there that are extreme builders and are looking for quality parts and kits to complete their builds so they can get out and do some serious wheeling.  We are very lucky to make our living doing extreme installs so we’ve devoted this section to tips, tricks, and how-to’s to make your home builds go faster!

scout_bikiniJeep Bikini Top Installed on a Scout II

Forget buying those expensive Scout bikini tops, we show you how to fit a CJ bikini top onto your Scout!

spring_bushing_installSpring Bushing Install (Scout II)

Making a weekend headache into an hour well spent!

xj_cagekits_001Cage Kit Installation (Jeep XJ)

How to install a D and C Extreme’s XJ Cage kit


Removing Steering Knuckles

Removing the knuckle/ball joint assemply with common tools

rear_disc_brake_installTSM Rear Diskc Brake Install

How to install TSM’s rear disc brake kit!

DUI_installedDavis Unified Ignition (D.U.I.) Installed

So you’ve seen the new distributors, but how do you put them in and do they work?


Determining Which Borgeson Joint You Need

One of the best things you can do for your steering is to convert to the Borgeson Steering system.

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