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D and C Extreme’s Project 4: Cantilevered ’74 Scout


Welcome to yet another buildup from D and C Extreme. It is October 2nd, 2004 and almost 5pm. Interestingly enough, the mods you are about to see, took place about 3 years ago. No really! The reality is when you’re a small shop priorities reign.

This project includes:

  • Full Monty SOA w/ 2.5″ Rancho Lift springs and Cantilevers
  • CV-style drive shafts front and back
  • Custom cage w/ new Beard seats, Racing Harnesses and custom powder coating
  • Full compliment of DandC RockArmor including our Winch Bumper, Rear RockClimber Bumper w/ tire carrier, RockSliders ~ all custom powder coated to match the cage.
  • Rebuilt Transmission w/ Art Carr RV Gearset
  • Rebuilt Transfer Case
  • 35×12.50 SuperSwamper TSL/SSRs mounted on Champion Wheel’s 15×10 Baja Beadlocks

This buildup was done for a customer named Joe from Las Vegas, Nevada. He found a rather interesting Scout in a guy’s side-yard and asked if he’d sell it. For the price of $400 he purchased this …(ahem)….Beautiful….(cough…cough) 1974 Scout II.

The story is that this Scout was a hunting/trail rig for some time, then sat dormant for many-many years in the heat of the Nevada sun. Worn-out, sun-dried and cracked tires on fancy 1970s-style mag rims, chrome exterior horns, a beat body, dented and deformed bumpers, an engine struggling to run (we were amazed it did run) and an old cable-controled Warn M8200 (that’s the first Warn winch ever) were all that remained of this Scout’s glory years.

Somehow this Scout’s IH spirit was still flickering and Joe knew this would-be wreck wasn’t destine for the crusher just yet. After getting it started it actually ran OK, or at least enough to get on a flat bed trailer to be towed 2 states away where this beat and battered Scout would be revamped to live again.

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