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Elder 1962 Scout 80

Project Elder
1962 Scout 8062 Scout 80 Elder

This project started with a phone call from Dustin, the owner of the 1962 Scout 80. Dustin bought Elder a few months prior and wanted to make a few upgrades to it. After talking for a few hours Dustin suggested that we jot down on paper what he wanted to do to his Scout. Here are a few of the specs of the project:


  • Maintain Vintage Look!
  • Drive Train Swap, but keep it IH
  • More Power!
  • Be able to leave the pavement and travel the trails
  • Drive safely at 65+ MPH on the highway

To Do:

  • New bearing, seals, and studs
  • New Zip Locker and gears
  • New Tires that will provide a comfortable ride, handle the off-road, and be a call-out to the past
  • D and C Extreme Scout 80/800 Roll Cage
  • D and C Extreme Signature Winch Bumper
  • D and C Extreme Signature Rock Sliders
  • D and C Extreme Signature Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

Originally, driving Elder was equal to taking your life into your own hands. It was a white knuckle ride and was virtually un-steerable.

From the top we should acknowledge “Donor”. To meet the goals for Elder it was decided that we should find good running Scout II, one that had a 345, T-19, and 3.73 gears…but this Scout IIScout II Donor

should have a bad body, one that was not salvageable. Dustin liked the idea and in about 30 minutes he had found the Scout II soon to be known as “Donor”. Thank you “Donor”.

Elder is a beauty on the outside, but we all know not to judge a book by its cover. Elder is no exception. This pretty exterior is masking an interior that includes rusted floor boards, rusting frame, disintegrating body mounts, wires and hoses going in odd direction, etc.

There was no getting around it, this is a down to the frame project, so let’s start taking Elder apart.

Bringing Elder to Daily Driver status begins with removing the drum brakes and going to power disc brakes:

Next we are going to move Elder to his new power plant and put in a 345. The new engine looks amazing, fresh paint, full of horsepower, and a very tight fit under the hood.

In the Check-in area we showed you how much rust Elder was hiding. This isn’t anything new to fans of the IH Scout, we expect it. So let’s take a look at rebuilding and reinforcing Elder. Part of the fun of strengthening Elder, or doing any Frame-Up restoration is taking the top off!

Elder required quite a bit of repair work. The sheet metal under the floor pans will have to be replaced since the body supports are gone. But hey! No frame equals easy access! Check out the body mount bolt.

Suspension will be the most critical part of making Elder a Daily Driver.  You are going to see Elder’s 42” x 2.5” leaf springs and our Reverse Shackle Kit. This one fix will change the way your Scout handles, and you won’t ever want to go back. Next we cut and turn the knuckles and get an exact pinion angle with the castor set at 6.5 degrees.

Since there was so much rust in the floor panels it should be no surprise that we would be putting time into the exhaust system. . This is a great time though to show off how amazing the underside of Elder looks. This is night and day from the rusted out floor panels.

In closing out this project we have to acknowledge that thanks to the owner of Elder, the hard work of the entire staff at D and C Extreme Elder earned 1st Place honors at the Rocky Mountain International Harvester Rendezvous in the Scout 80 Wild category.  That was team effort!

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