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D and C Extreme Complete Builds

D and C Extreme has been around for over 2 decades and in that time we have had some truly astonishing build projects.  Among the projects we have have added cage kits, winch bumpers, tire carrier bumpers, suspension re-builds, just to name a few.

Follow the following stories to see how D and C Extreme truly got to be who we are today.  We thank each of the participants of these builds and hope that if you are looking for your Scout, Jeep, or Bronco to be worked on you will consider D and C Extreme and become of on of our “Current Builds”


1970 Scout 800 Build


Quarter Elliptic Project


Coil Over Shock Project


1974 Scout Cantilevered Project


1967 Scout 800 Build

Rusty feature

Project Rusty

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