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Cause Pretty Ain’t Enough

Cause Pretty Ain’t Enough is far more than the company motto at D and C Extreme, it has become a way of life! From roll cages to rock sliders, lifts to suspensions, all has to be more than just pretty, it has to work! In our experience there are two groups. Those who just want it to look good and those that want their rig to function and worry about the looks last. If your rig has to WORK first and foremost then D and C Extreme is the place for you, not that we don’t like good looking rigs, we just believe they should be built from the inside out. If you have a rig that looks like a million dollars, it should perform like it too, Cause Pretty Ain’t Enough!

Anybody can lift a vehicle and put bigger tires on it, but having it still handle at highway speeds and ride good seems to go away when doing so, that is where D and C Extreme shines. Just because you have a lifted rig there is absolutely no reason that it should not still handle well and ride as good if not better then stock. From budget lift kits to homemade spring over lifts we see the same problems over and over again. Other shops and people doing their own work just do not pay attention to the geometry that make a vehicle handle and ride as good if not better then it did in stock form. Here at D and C Extreme this is where we start. There is no reason to build a rig that is not fun to drive or is unsafe, not to mention these rigs usually don’t work that well off road either.

All of D and C Extreme’s signature products are designed for strength, fit and function. We take great pride in all of the products that we manufacture right here in the USA at our Colorado Springs, Colorado location. If we do not produce the product ourselves we search far and wide to bring you the best products we can at a reasonable price.

D and C Extreme does not just do cookie cuter type builds. Each of our builds takes on the personality of its owner as we strive to build you the rig you have in your dreams. Not the rig that everyone else has! Cause Pretty Ain’t Enough!

Check out some of our builds below:

Cause Pretty Ain't Enough
Cause Pretty Ain't Enough
Blanca at Holy Cross
Blanca at Holy Cross
Leftovers Jeep Renegade
Air Jeep flexed
Air Jeep, 50" Flex!
Bronceau in Moab
Bronceau, Full-widths with 37's
Copper Top, 1978 Scout II
Copper Top, 1976 Scout II
Jeep Bar Build, D and C Extreme
Jeep Bar Build, D and C Extreme
Kryptonite Jeep

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