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D and C Extreme History of 4×4 Truck Parts and Scout Buildups

D and C Extreme Industries opened it’s bay doors in 1999, since then they have been an acclaimed supplier of truck parts for owners that like to test their limits off road and over boulders that would send the competition back to the shop.

In November 2012 D and C Extreme was purchased by Eric Younger. Eric was a long time customer of D and C Extreme and when the opportunity to acquire the shop presented itself he jumped at it. In many ways Eric took the company back to its roots and is building it up to meet and exceed its former glory. The one constant, quality. Quality parts and products that improve the performance of your daily driver, krawler, or off-roader.

When Eric acquired D and C Extreme he ran it out of his 1800 sqft. garage. In July 2014, barely 18 months after the acquisition, he moved the company into a manufacturing and service facility with 3 bays, a lift, and enough space to fit all the projects he could handle.

Eric Younger has a long history with 4 wheel drives, trucks, krawlers, and the like. Eric’s long list of vehicles goes something like this:

  • 1982 Chevy 4WD Pickup
  • 1981 Brand new Chevy Pickup
  • 1974 Jeep CJ5
  • 1974 Scout II

Eric has been building 4 wheel drives since 1982. His first love is the 1962-77 Chevy Pickup. Eric has wheeled them all from stock CJs to Buggies with IS power and Dana 60 with 40” tires. Eric has wheeled all over North America however his top 3 places to wheel are:

  1. Johnson Valley, CA
  2. Moab, UT
  3. Black Hills, SD

Wheeling for Eric is far more than just working on his truck, its about conquering extreme trails and seeing amazing places that most people would never see because they are inaccessible.

“There is no perfect vehicle…just the best vehicle for the situation”

 Extreme Timeline

January 1999 – D and C Extreme is Born.
After seeing what original owner Damian Grihalva had built for his own Scout, Bill Bordner encouraged Damian to start producing a line of truck parts that included a bumper for Scouts. This marks the beginning of an extreme tradition.
Like many iconic companies, D and C Extreme started in a garage of an in-law’s house. Just a guy and an extreme dream.

October 1999 – D and C Extreme moves into a 300 sq ft bumper production facility. In short, they moved out of the parents basement and into their own place!

November 2000 – D and C Extreme starts CAD design work on Scout and Scout II 4-Link Systems and aftermarket truck parts.

February 15, 2001 – D and C Extreme out grows the 300 sq ft facility! Demand for their suspension conversions increases so much that D and C Extreme moves into a new shop that is more than 5x bigger!

March 1, 2002 – Demand continues for aftermarket 4×4 truck parts and its nothing short of extreme growth! D and C Extreme is ready to expand again and moves into a new 4,400 sq ft facility in Colorado Springs, CO.

April 2002 – D and C Extreme adds Scout 80/800 and Scout II Cage Kits. Their extreme commitment to bringing you new products D and C Extreme starts full-scale projection of Cage Kits for your Scouts.

February 25, 2003 – D and C Extreme adds Corbeau Seats to our growing list of products! If you have been looking for some extreme seats D and C Extreme now offers a full line of performance seats, mounts, and harnesses, and other aftermarket 4×4 parts

October 2012 – D and C Extreme is purchased by Eric Younger. Eric brings a ton of experience and a passion for Scouts and XJs as the company builds the future.

October 2012 -D and C Extreme moves into the 1,800 sqft. Younger Shop at his residence.

October 2013– The new D and C Extreme website is launched. The focus is on improved eCommerce, new product lines, and documenting extreme build outs.

July 2014 – D and C Extreme moves into it’s new manufacturing and service facility.


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